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easyDCP Player (+)

easyDCP Player (+) is used to play JPEG2000 encoded DCP and also used to export DCP to QuickTime Mov or Sequence file (J2c, Tiff, DPX). The powerful export function of easyDCP Player (+) outputs video files and audio files and can output to QuickTime Mov using Sequence file or various codecs. easyDCP Player (+) not only plays DCP files, it can play J2K image sequence file (J2c) and MXF in real time with audio, decrypt and play encrypted DCP files, render Cinema XML subtitles in real time and stereoscopic 3D play Support. easyDCP Player (+) provides log analysis function for DCP verification, and provides all the functions for the final inspection of the final digital movie screening, DCP, and reports the exact problem situation when a problem is detected.

Feature easyDCP Player easyDCP Player +
Available for Windows and Mac O O
Real-time decoding of 2k @ 24fps O O
Due to the flexibility of the C ++ API, this decoder can be integrated into other host applications, such as a DCP play-out system, a DCP unwrapper or any other post production tool that needs to decompress J2K files: Just get the Fraunhofer decoder and a quick, state-of-the-art Graphical Processing Unit - that's all you need for real-time playback. O O
Using this technology, post processing facilities and art-house productions can build DCP playback systems on standard hardware components. The core functionality can be integrated in other post processing software to enable accelerated processing of JPEG 2000 files for example compositing or color grading. O O
Synchronized audio playback O O
Reads DCPs, MXF, JPEG 2000 sequences O O
Customizable color space conversion O O
Playback frame rate adjustable X O
Supports discarding of resolution levels O O
Drag & Playback of encrypted DCPs (accepts KDMs for key delievery) X O
Rendering of subtitles O O
Stereoscopic playback (anaglyph, interleaved, shutter glasses) X O
Extract of video and sound files from existing DCPs X O
Much faster export functionality X O
Export of QuickTime files supported X O
Extended command-line support X O
Improved issue reports X O

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